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President Trump made his pitch for tax reform this week, but the odds are not favorable for legislation that would reduce individual and corporate rates and promote economic growth without driving up the national deficit.

Phil Mendelson, chairman of the DC Council (D), recently organized a “meet up” at the Firehook Bakery on Pennsylvania Ave. SE. He hasn’t held a formal re-election kickoff, but no one could be blamed for thinking the gathering at the Ward 6 eatery a political event. A couple of staffers wore T-shirts from a previous campaign and Mendelson held court for at least 90 minutes.

It was not the D.C. Council’s outspoken progressives who wrote the law that will soon establish some of the nation’s most generous parental-leave requirements.

And it wasn’t Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) who crafted the District’s plan to rebuild its homeless shelters or pushed for sweeping tax cuts as economic growth filled city coffers.

DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson has been in elected office since before Children’s Law Center was founded in 1996.

“A long, long time,” he says, smiling.

Mendelson was first elected as a DC neighborhood commissioner, then an At-Large Councilmember, and finally Council Chairman since 2012.

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